Fowler students use escape room-inspired game to learn in the classroom

FOWLER, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Valley educator has found a new way to help teach the next generation of students.

Second-grade students at Marshall Elementary in Fowler have unlocked the answer to their latest classroom assignment.

"It's really fun. One of the things I like about the game is when you try to solve the problems on the first try, you don't really get it, so you have to keep on trying, and it's fun," said Avneet Boparal a student at Marshal Elementary.

The students used a variety of clues to find the answers to help unlock their box.

BreakoutEdu was created by former Clovis and Fresno County educator Mark Hammons. He and two partners launched the learning game in 2015.

"We have taken the escape room idea and brought it to the classroom," Hammons said.

Instructors are given a box with locks and can download material online.

Instructional technology teacher Susan Stewart loves getting kids out of their chairs and solving problems.

"Sometimes it'll be directly tied to a math standard they're working on. They have one on fractions and every clue will be related to fractions," said Susan Stewart, an instructional technology teacher. "It'll be about a text or a book that they're reading, a story. Maybe it's a science standard."

Stewart's been able to task students with escaping throughout Fowler Unified.

"Give them the opportunity to really struggle. One thing we focus on is the ability to fail and fail again," Hammons said.

Hammons believes that it creates perseverance and a unique skill level for the future.

As for the students, they're learning lessons.

"You get to work with other people and you don't always get it, but you feel happy," said Patten Stewart, student.

Kids from preschool to high school are breaking out.

BreakoutEdu is being used at schools in the Valley, the nation and as far away as New Zealand.
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