Buchanan High School's Lion Dance keeps tradition alive, raises money for new lion costume

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A group of Clovis Unified students is taking action to keep a tradition alive.

Buchanan High School's lion dance team has shared traditional Chinese dance with the Valley for 10 years.

"I think as high school students, it's important to spread the culture as early as we can so it doesn't die out," explained Buchanan High School student Greven Pasaporte.

However, the star of the show, their lion costume, was showing signs of wear and tear. It took 10 years for the groups advisor to pay off the last lion costume and she says she couldn't afford to purchase a new one on her own.

"This year, my students were asking me, 'Can we have a new one?' and I said, "This is expensive.'" explained club advisor Lili Wong.

So the team took action and started a GoFundMe, asking the community for help.

"At first, I didn't think anyone was going to donate, but then parents and past students donated," said Pasaporte.

The team raised over $400, enough to make their goal possible.

"I was shocked people were helping us to continue the tradition and it made me really happy," added Pasaporte.

They've already been busy showing off their new and improved addition, but most importantly, they say it's to keep the culture and traditions alive.

"We're the next generation and I think it's important to keep it going especially at a young age," said Pasaporte.
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