Bullet holes, bloodstains and shattered glass: How 2 shootings in Fresno may be connected

Back-to-back shootings sent Fresno Police in two different directions on Thursday night.

And neighbors at one of the scenes have unfortunately become all too comfortable with crime.

A man was shot while in his car, sending him to the hospital.

Almost at the same time, bullets rang out at a Fresno apartment complex.

Fresno Police are trying to find out if the shootings are connected.

The man in the car, a silver Chrysler 300, was driving north on Blythe approaching Ashlan when a red Chrysler 300 pulled up next to him and opened fire.

There are multiple bullet holes in the car.

Authorities say the do not know how many times the victim was hit and that he was immediately rushed to the hospital.

They say the two suspects inside that vehicle took off, leaving behind the injured man and his bloodstained car with shattered glass.

But there's a second crime scene within a two-mile radius.

Roughly 10 minutes before the shooting of the man in the car, police got a call about shots were fired at a complex on Shields and Valentine.

No one was injured but Wendy Melendez says she heard the rounds of fire.

"We heard like five more gunshots and it was back to back to back," she recalls.

Police are not sure if both shootings are connected.

But Melendez says it would not surprise her if they were.

"We're used to hearing gunshots all the time and it's becoming so normal to us. That's not ok at all," she says.

In the meantime, police are hoping witnesses will come forward with information on what happened.

They say surveillance cameras at nearby businesses should paint a clearer picture of what went down.
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