Authorities warning residents around Fresno State to keep an eye out for car burglars

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- On Bulldog Lane, just next to Fresno State, the row of cars makes for an easy target. Lt. Joe Gomez said that area, in particular, is a hot spot for prowlers because most of the apartments do not have locked garages.

"They're just smashing the windows out taking what's in plain view."

Almost everyone here parks on the street or in a car port and Gomez said a concerning amount of drivers do not conceal their valuables.

"The criminals do counter surveillance and they're watching you and they're waiting for that. And then, once you leave, they know you're not going to come back immediately to the car and then they'll burglarize your car."

Jason Lopes works at Fresno State and knows first hand the risk of parking near campus.

"Every once in a while I will come out here and see another window smashed, cracked, or some sort of vandalism on the car or whatnot."

While Fresno State police said there have only been 10 break-ins on campus this semester, they try to assist Fresno police and patrol the areas around the school.

"I've been out here in the day and seen something happen. I've been here later in the day, I guess that's just the scary part about it," said Lopes.

Gomez said this crime of opportunity is avoidable. If there is nothing in your car to steal there is no reason to break in.

Another way to avoid a break in-- make sure you lock your car and park in a well-lit area and be aware of your surroundings. If you decide to hide items underneath your seat or in the trunk make sure no one is watching.
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