Bay Area business relocates to Fresno during pandemic

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Brightly colored tablecloths and signs fill the display room inside new Fresno business, Exhibit Supply.

"The average consumer-type person is like, 'You're moving to Fresno from the Bay Area. Why would you do that?," said Jeff De Ponte, Exhibit Supply C.E.O.

The company used to be in Oakland.

At the start of the pandemic, De Ponte found himself paying $2500 in rent a month for basically storage, while the company was at a standstill.

He caters to businesses that need displays for trade shows or marketing material.

The company still does business in the Bay Area. De Ponte decided to fast-track his move to Fresno.

"It wasn't really about cost. That helps, but for us, there's so much more here like the opportunity to cut overhead, workforce, labor force here is so much better than the Bay Area," Del Ponte said.

In addition to being able to save, he's been able to connect with other markets.

"This being our distribution center for the entire West Coast. We want to distribute from here to LA to the Bay Area. We're closer to Las Vegas, which is really big for us. We do a lot of trade shows and events as well," De Ponte said.

De Ponte had plans to come to the Central Valley in the future, but he says the pandemic really caused him to rethink his business strategy.

He's also focusing on growing his business.

"It allowed me to come out here sooner and I think it's going to be a real good thing. Long term, this is going to be the best thing that ever happened to us," De Ponte said.

The company plans to start hiring in June.

A former Bay area business with new roots in Fresno.

Exhibit Supply has its grand opening this weekend.

They're looking forward to growing here in the Valley and across the state.
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