Downtown Fresno expecting to see many new businesses in 2020

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's a new dawn for downtown Fresno, celebrating the opening of 20 new businesses for 2019.

The downtown Fresno partnership predicts that number will be higher in 2020.

Partnership CEO Jimmy Cerracchio says they hired security to monitor the Van Ness and Fulton corridor to give businesses peace of mind.

"They prevent things like people lighting trash dumpsters on fire in the alleys," Cerracchio said. "They keep an eye into buildings being broken into, and people trying to tamper with doors or windows."

Fresno Police reported that crime is on the decline.

Property theft went up slightly in 2019, however, that was attributed to an incident in June, when five businesses were vandalized.

Security footage captured the suspect using a rock to break in through the store front windows.

"Downtown unit keeps us in the loop on everything," Cerracchio said. "They're involved in our events as we do them, so we have a great relationship with them."

Caerrachio's outlook for 2020 is optimistic, projecting 20-25 new businesses by the end of the year. It's a number he says will likely increase as more people move downtown.

The downtown Fresno Partnership CEO went on to say downtown apartments are at 95 percent capacity.

So the demand is there, but it's just getting the units built.
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