Multiple North Fresno businesses dealing with burglaries

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A North Fresno business owner says 40 seconds was all the time the thieves that broke into her shop needed to take what they wanted and get away, leaving behind shattered glass and strewn clothes.

"It was heartbreaking," said the owner of Revival 23. "We feel very violated."

She didn't want to be identified but says she got an alert that her shop's alarm was set off around midnight on Saturday.

"We got an alarm notification that someone was tampering with our back door," she said. "We immediately saw our glass break went off and we knew someone was inside."

The thieves got away with some denim jeans, clothing and their cash drawer.

The owner believes the suspects may have been in the shop earlier that day.

"I think they came in, looked around... we look expensive," she said. "We're not an expensive store."

But Revival 23 isn't the only business that's been hit by thieves.

Just steps away, Field House Owner, Jennifer Willis, says they've had a pop-up tent and some furniture stolen in the past.

"Because we're far out, people think there's no one out here watching, and so we do become a little more of a target," Willis said.

Willis says she often sees Fresno Police patrolling, but this recent break-in has business owners on high alert.

"My employee left 10 minutes before they were hit, so it makes you think, 'Are we being watched?' It makes you wonder."

The store owner didn't want to disclose specifics but says she does plan to enhance her security in hopes of preventing another break-in.

The shop owner says she plans to install security cameras soon.

She did file a report with Fresno police but is asking residents in this area to look after their security cameras in case they caught a video of the suspects.
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