After four decades of selling RV's, Paul Evert is retiring

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Paul Evert has become synonymous with RVs. Now, after more than four decades of moving units, the 88-year-old is retiring.

"I'm selling the business. I'll be a landlord," said Paul Evert.

The Fresno State grad admits he's pulled back on his presence of the day to day operations in recent years and is looking forward to enjoying life without the worries of the business.

"I have 14 acres, I built a home on Shaver Lake and have a tractor called 'Gertrude.' Just taking care of the 14 acres, planting trees, and flowers, and I love it."

Evert grew a small used car lot in the mid 70's into an RV empire. Using his name to build eight dealerships across five states. All while withstanding multiple recessions and fierce competition along the way.

"We want the customer to be taken care of, and they became very comfortable with us and knew they would be taken care of."

This turned out to be his ticket to fame and fortune. He still gets asked to pose for pictures whenever he's on the lot.

But Evert says selling luxury items like RVs and trailers is a young person's game, and he's more than ready to hand over the reins.

"The bankers need to deal with younger folks because they don't know if I'm senile (laughs) or whatever and that's where Curt comes in."

Curt Curtis has been Evert's right-hand man for the last three decades and takes over the operation.

"He's put a legacy out here in the RV industry, and he's been a great role model for myself and a lot of the employees," said Curt Curtis. We're going to miss him being here and a lot of the day to day activities that he was involved in but we'll all stay connected to him."
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