AT&T customers in Dinuba frustrated over weeks of connection problems

DINUBA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Dozens of AT&T customers in Dinuba say they've had a wireless connection problem for about four weeks now, complaining to the company that they can't send text messages, make phone calls or connect to the internet. They're being told it's a problem with the cell towers.

At least two of those reportedly problematic cell towers have been pointed out by AT&T's customer service reps. But the exact problem, keeping those people from properly using their phones for the service they pay for, is not really clear.

"Obviously something happened," Cristy Myers said. "Why can't they fix it? Four weeks ago, this is what started happening."

Myers is tired of the problems. Her biggest concern is staying in touch with her husband and teenage kids. "We do a lot of texting and when they don't respond I worry," Myers said. "And they're getting the text 45 minutes later. That makes it uncomfortable for them and really upsetting for us."

A lot of the Myers' friends and family in Dinuba have the same problems, no texting, dropped calls and frustration.

"It's just sad that we're paying the same amount of money as the person living in Downtown Fresno is, because they live within the city limits and they have a larger population, their cell tower coverage is going to be much stronger," said Bette George.

George, like the others, says she's spent hours on the phone with AT&T trying to get some sort of answer. The group first thought it was a problem with their individual phones until Myers' husband began posting about the issues on Facebook.

"We don't understand why living in our area, in Dinuba, that we don't have the coverage like everybody else," Myers said. "There are three towers that are down in Dinuba, we have been told."

AT&T tells Action News it's not currently aware of wireless network issues in Dinuba but will use its 'Mark the Spot' app to look up complaints, which many have filed from Dinuba. AT&T says it will also test drive the area Wednesday to troubleshoot.

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