Clovis businesses eye global growth

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Economic Garden project in the city of Clovis had nothing to do with vegetables or fruit. Instead, it will provide resources so businesses can grow.

Snowflake Designs is among a handful of Valley clothing manufacturers. Every gymnastic leotard here was designed and made in Clovis. Snowflake Designs was one of six companies selected out of 20 by the city of Clovis for its Economic Gardening project.

Store owner LaDonna Snow said, "We would like to go more into an international market and so I'm hoping they can guide and direct us where to go from here."

Consultants and market research will be made available for six Clovis companies looking to expand.

Deputy city manager Andy Haussler said, "One of the best ways that we can grow our local economy is by growing our local businesses and not just seeking the business to move into town but to grow what we have here."

The company sells 75,000 colorful gymnastic leotards each year. But Snow wanted to expand sales to box and ship more product to Australia and Europe.

She said of the aid, "A lot of it will be market research. What do I not know?"

The city sought to help companies with less than 100 employees. Snowflake Designs employs 36 people.

Haussler said the company benefits by, "Being able to access other markets to give them a stronger base to build on."

The timing is perfect because the number of young gymnasts has always spiked during Olympic years. The Rio games are set for 2016.

Snow explained, "The gyms swell with enrollment, almost doubling in size and we want to be in position to take care of those gyms and all those gymnast needs and their leotards."

Snow would no doubt score the city assistance a perfect "10."

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