Consumers will pay more this year for fresh Christmas trees amid shortages

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Christmas trees are being cut and prepared for customers at B&D Holiday Center in Madera Ranchos.

"When you walk in a house and smell that real Christmas tree. That's what it is about," said owner Bob Hill.

He is a Christmas tree enthusiast and believes in having the perfect tree to put your presents under.
However this year, the prices of nobles and furs are going up.

"The price of the trees have gone up considerably on us, up there, the prices have almost doubled. And also the trucking has doubled. So it's quite expensive to get these little jewels down here," said Hill.

Hill says small operations like his had to pay more to get the few trees that are out there.

"The recession a few years back and also the drought. People don't realize they water the trees by nature."

Farmers did not plant as many lots and then lost many saplings, with fewer trees and more demand, that means higher prices.

"On our lot, they'll probably see a price increase of $5 to $7 from last year but some people might be a little higher and some might be a little lower."

In an exclusive survey, USA Poll, people were asked what kind of Christmas tree they will get. 36 percent said no tree, 36 percent said a real tree, and 22 percent said an artificial tree.

With higher prices, the survey asked if that would affect their decision to buy. 56 percent said they will still buy a real tree, 30 percent said an artificial tree, 11 percent a smaller tree and the rest were not sure.

"These are noble firs. Right here is a bondsman, a little thicker branch."

For Hill, Christmas is worth the cost and says it is the experience of picking a tree that many families cherish. The national Christmas tree association expects prices to go up five to 15 percent across the nation.
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