Dragonfly Golf Club in Madera County implements water saving measures

MADERA COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- The drought has impacted residents and businesses across the state. One of the hardest hit has been golf courses, where green grass is a staple.

If you take a close look around the grounds of Dragonfly Golf Club, you'll notice the impact of the drought.

"The golf course is definitely more dry," said Kurt Krause. "It's plenty more dry than it typically is. A lot of times, people think of a golf course of being lush and green, but our golf course is not going to be as lush and green as it ever has in the past."

Krause is general manager and says the golf course gets its water from the nearby river, but is managing every drop it gets, especially as the drought continues. It's also adding more minerals and nutrients to retain water, instead of watering the lawn. And they've let some areas go dry.

"In particular there is a lake on the first hole that we've let go all the way virtually down to no water," explained Krause.

Officials say the decision will save them thousands of gallons of water over time. Another water savings change has also been made when it comes to golf carts.

Krause explained, "I don't think people notice, but we only wash the golf carts half as much as we need to and that's going to save over time thousands of gallons of water."

Instead of watering stations, bottle water has been set out for thirsty players to save. Landscaping around the greens have also been changed, as bark and plants now stand in place of turf. Valley residents say they're important measures.

"We have to do what we have to do for our water," said golfer Jeeter Carr. "Golf is a hobby."

Because of the drought, mangers here at Dragonfly say they've learned a lot about water conservation. Lessons they'll take with them into the future.

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