Fitness studio in Clovis is taking yoga to new heights

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A new fitness studio in Clovis is offering aerial yoga classes.

Teresa Jaquez, owner of Love at First Flight, said she fell in love with aerial yoga and made it her mission to open up a studio.

"You use the hammocks to get into poses maybe you can't do as of yet, and I always say yet because it's possible for anyone," she said.

She runs the business with the help of her husband and daughters.

Jaquez mentioned there is nothing like it in Clovis. "I wanted to bring it to the community because I loved it so much," she said.

Jaquez loves traditional yoga but says there are several health benefits of getting up into the air -- especially when you hang upside down.

"When you go into inversions it releases the tension in your spine. It's really great for that. It's great for flexibility," she said.

The aerial yoga classes are for everyone, from beginners to experts. Jaquez helps guide you through the poses.

Mel Rodriguez, who attends classes, said it's a great workout.

"You just have fun and lose yourself and forget about all the stress of the day," she said. "And when you are done, you are just more relaxed even though it's working out," she said.

Jaquez mentioned she also offers classes for just kids as well as a "Mommy and Me" session.
"It's great to release tension in kids and to play and give them a safe place to do that," she explained.

People who aren't ready to take flight can take a traditional yoga class or a barre class.

Love at First Flight will host an open house this weekend. During the event, Jaquez will offer demo classes for anyone who wants to try aerial yoga.

Love at First Flight is located at1305 N Willow Ave, Suite 100 in Clovis.
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