Fresno-based barbershop expands by franchising out

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Good conversations and clean cuts are happening inside The Great American Barbershop in Northeast Fresno.

"We see each other every couple of weeks and we pick up from where we left off. It's kind of the old Norm from Cheers kind of feeling. You walk in, they know your name and who you are. He knows my cut and what to expect, said Lex Henderson, a customer.

Henderson has been going to the Fresno based business since it opened in 2015 and knows what he likes.

"I like the straight razor, you get your neckline cleaned up so it gives you that sharp clean cut look."

The Great American Barbershop recently decided to start franchising out its stores and showcased its business plan at a recent conference in Las Vegas.

"It's a brand everyone should experience and why not share it with the world, the nation and that's our goal," said Martin Stein, The Great American Barbershop C.O.O.

Stein said this is big news for the Valley-based business, which has already started selling franchises. The barbershop started in 2014 with its first location off locations off Sommerville in Fresno and later in Clovis.

As its chairs expanded, so has its staff to keep up with the trims, cuts, and shaves.

"We have three here, we've sold seven franchises, seven stores. Two of those will be opening in the next three months," Stein said.

A barbershop will open in San Luis Obispo and later in Northwest Fresno.

Stein said the shop's rock and roll atmosphere is what makes it different and gives its customers a unique place to relax and bond.

"It brings back the American barber-- the edgy comfortable cool vibe. It's different," Stein said.

And its consistent cuts keeps customers coming back for more.

Owners are hoping this local company will help change the haircutting experience across the globe. A successful business that was made in the Valley.
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