Fresno business excited to see Sun-Maid Raisins move to the area

Sun-Maid Raisins announced earlier this year they would be moving their corporate offices to Fresno.

They have not fully moved into their new location off Herndon and Palm in northwest Fresno, but that's expected to happen soon.

Lauren Hoekstra, who manages the Bar Method Fresno, said she was excited to hear that Sun-Maid is moving around 100 employees to the new location.

It's in the same plaza as the exercise studio and she thinks it will really help with business.

"I just think that's great for all the businesses that are in here because there is going to be people in area so that means more clients for us and more business and more business for the center," she said.

The company's new sign is up.

"I thought - 'Woah! there it is'. It's really pretty honestly. I really like it. It's awesome," Hoekstra said.

According Mark Standriff, who is the city's director of communications and public affairs, Sun-Maid's move is also a good sign of growth and improvement in Fresno.

"When you get big names like Amazon, like Ulta, like the GAP and now Sun-Maid that are saying, 'We like what's going on in the City of Fresno, we are going to put our roots here and this is going to be our home,' that says a lot to other businesses out there that hopefully they are looking to relocate or maybe to even start operations in a new location. This is the place to be," Standriff explaind.

Hoekstra said once they are all moved in, she hopes to eventually meet all the employees face to face.

"We are really excited because we want to invite them all to come and try a class at Bar Method and even do a corporate class for them. So hopefully we can get them together and do a really fun bartini for them," Hoekstra said.

She added they are accepting new clients. Right now you can get 30 days for $85.
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