Fresno company selling restaurant quality meat online

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A juicy steak is just one of the dozens of items you won't find at the grocery store, but instead on the internet.

Corey Patendis, the owner of Meats2U, said, "We bring restaurant quality high-end dining, it's five-star quality delivered to your door."

The Fresno-based company sells local meat over the internet. Patendis partners with his father's company to get 85% of the meat.

"We're locking it in as fresh as it actually can be, because it's as fresh as the day it was cut."

The business sells more than 30 types of meat and seafood.

"We move thousands of pounds of chickens -- it's crazy. When we get into the steaks, it's the ribeyes, everybody loves the ribeye, and that moves quick and the next thing that moves quick is ahi tuna," said Patendis.

Orders are placed online, ready in 24 hours, and delivered across nine states in the west. Customers can also pick it up from the storefront.

David Black has become a regular.

"The 1855 rib eye steak -- awesome."

Black is also a Navy veteran who comes to support the veteran-owned business. Patendis served in the Navy.

"Coming back from the military lifestyle, that comradery you have -- it's a little different as a civilian. So we try to cultivate that teamwork here."

Patendis believes that teamwork and the easy ordering concept is what's helping his business expand.

"It's a little bit crazy to think a local person from Clovis is doing something like this, but with e-commerce becoming the way that it is, becoming a way of our life and convenience -- we're all trying to save a little bit of time."

Patendis' main goal is to bring people together over food. Helping families connect with quality meat for quality time.
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