Fresno's Stars Dance Studio relocates due to high-speed rail

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Hundreds of businesses in the path of the high-speed rail project now ponder their future. But a Fresno dance studio in business for a decade has just completed a successful relocation.

Nine-year-old Lana Yang's dance career is still on track despite the high-speed rail project. She's among 50 kids who had to move over to a new facility. Stars Dance Studio has reopened in a new location in Northwest Fresno.

"We were able to double in size, which gave us extra classes, more viewing rooms for the parents. It ended up being a very positive experience for us," Stars Dance Studio owner Melinda Scharnick said.

The old studio on Golden State near Shaw still has competition trophies on display but is positioned in the path of the high-speed rail project. When Scharnick learned that three years ago, she started looking for a new facility. She said, "We wanted to expand in that location, but because of high-speed rail we weren't able to, but they really helped out."

The studio is now located next to a fitness club. Scharnick says the High-Speed Rail Authority helped her with the cost of moving and advertising.

"There are several businesses in various processes of being relocated. Even here today the catering business is being relocated. The chairs and tables are provided by a business that's being relocated," said Elizabeth Jonasson with the High-Speed Rail Authority.

Over 40 Fresno businesses have relocated because of the high-speed rail project. Forty more are in transition, hopeful their move can be as successful as the one enjoyed by this dance troupe. Many businesses in the path of the high-speed rail project haven't finalized their future plans.
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