Lights, camera, action! Production company expands in Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno company is taking its videos to the next level thanks to an expansion in Fresno.

Derek Carr's music video hit Valley television screens with all the bells and whistles out of Hollywood. But some may not know it was produced right out of Fresno.

"We are one of largest spaces now essentially between the Bay and L.A.," said Byron Watkins, Windsong Productions Partner and Creative Service Director.

Windsong Productions creates everything from commercials, to films, and more from the Valley. Recently they made a big move from north Fresno to Downtown. The 14,000 square feet facility is four times the size of their old space with room for their professionals to make more great videos.

"Our biggest thing is that we have a huge space so we can build sets now. We've also expanded our edit bays, we have a full-color suite where we can color-correct projects and it just gives us a whole bunch of expansion to continue to grow the production company and really make great production here in Fresno," said Watkins.

Jeremiah Belt is enjoying the extra space as he works as a lead colorist and motions graphics artists.

"A lot 2D, 3D work to particle simulations of water and depth of field effects. It's a fun job," said Jeremiah Belt, Windsong Lead Colorist.

The company says another great part of the expansion is being a part of the Downtown Fresno Revitalization. They say Fresno is home to many great shooters and filmmakers, who can create great stories locally and compete with those in Los Angeles.

"The work that's being done here at Windsong and in town is rivaling anything you would find in a major city. You really don't have to go far to get it. We can build out a tiny production to you want explosions and helicopters, we can make it happen," said Watkins.

The new location will host the Germ Film Festival on Thursday and bring together creative minds.

Windsong has room to grow. They're hoping to add production shoots and fuel creativity not only here in the Valley, but across the state and world.
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