Local beer business's having a hard time staying afloat

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There could be less beer on tap in the heart of Fresno soon. (KFSN)

There could be less beer on tap in the heart of Fresno soon. Das Bierhaus in the Tower District is set to close at the end of the month. Peeve's Public House in Downtown Fresno has also been on the brink of closure but the community is rallying to keep the doors open.

At Peeve's, every customer, every pint of beer and every order of food is critical. The owner, Craig Scharton said, "A couple of weeks ago, we were at a point where I wasn't sure if we could keep it open."

Scharton says the numbers were terrible, down 30-percent. He was spending more money than he was making and minimum wage, he says, wasn't making things any easier. So he posted a plea on Facebook. "My hands were shaking the entire two hours I was writing it," Scharton added, "I thought about it a week before I did it."

Since then, the post has been shared nearly 2,000 times and Scharton says in two days, business jumped 400 percent. Stephanie Morrison stopped by for drinks on Thursday, "We just wanted to help support them because it would be a shame to lose them."

Scharton says the increase in business could keep the taps open for at least a few more months. By then, the Tower District will have one less place to drink because Das Bierhaus is set to close.

Henry Nishimoto, a local economist says the beer business is tough on Olive Street, "They either have to adapt or they're going to perish on the vine," he added.

He says it takes a good product combined with good management and marketing to survive. Scharton says he learned the hard way and the community has given him a second chance.

"I'm smiling again-- it feels very hopeful, it feels like we can do this now," Scharton said.

Scharton says there are still tough times ahead. He says Peeve's will only be open five days a week and the menu is smaller to keep expenses down.
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