Local employers come together to learn about drug testing procedures and employee rights

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Since Proposition 64 passed in November Californians over the age of 21 can now use and grow marijuana for personnel use. The drug is legal but your employer can still fire you for using it.

"You now have the legal right to smoke marijuana, but you don't have the right to be doing that in the workplace or use the card as a free pass to get out of a positive drug test," said Paul Bauer, attorney.

Thursday, the Fresno County Employers Advisory Council provided a seminar for local business leaders aimed at clearing up any misconceptions related to drug screening procedures since the legalization of marijuana. The new law states that employers still have the right to maintain a drug free workplace and can keep policies that prohibit the use of cannabis

"Seminars like this add to the media that is out there on informing employers and the general public their obligations, and today is just another way to reinforce what employers need to know and take back to their workplace," said Bauer.

Valerie Rodriguez found the presentation informative-- she works in Human Resources for Fowler Packing Company.

"These types of seminars help us and can ask questions-- we also see people from other industries and how they've experienced certain things so it just helps us bring it all together and put a real practical, and use that law the way it's supposed to be."

Even people who are using marijuana on the recommendation of a doctor for legitimate medical conditions are not protected.
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