Local spot becoming the place to go for up and coming comedians

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- An Old Town Clovis restaurant has become a hot spot for up and coming comedians and crowds.

"This girl is like 'how did they get Paul Giamatti from sideways to do comedy at DiCiccio's," joked Danny Minch, a comedian that put on a show at the lounge.

They say laughter is the best medicine and at DiCicco's Italian Restaurant in Old Town Clovis, that laughter has been filling the air thanks to local comedians.

Minch explains it's, "Hollywood improv, punchline style comedy right here in the Central Valley. We're the only comedy club from Bakersfield to Sacramento. There's nothing on the 99."

Minch and Dave Apkarian are two comedians who've come together to put on four comedy shows a week at the restaurant.

"This girl has some pretty thick glasses on. She's like, 'oh my gosh how did they get Brad Pitt?' thank you." Minch laughs as he delivered a line on the mic.

DiCicco's management says it partnered up with the comedians to give customers a chance to see something different. The shows have increased business at the restaurant's lounge, especially on their slower nights which has been Mondays and Tuesdays.

"More people which means more sales, which means I have an extra shift now," said Charles Carrero, DiCicco's Italian Restaurant General Manager.

The shows have also started to become more well-known and have attracted up and coming comedians to Fresno, who are on their way to Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Local funnymen and women also have a chance to try their stuff out on open mic nights.

As for Apkarian, he says it's nice to be in the moment and laugh.

"That's comedy and that's a lot of what happens in the room is just everybody coming together and laughing. its fun," said Dave Apkarian, comedian

You can catch the live comedy in person in the Valley. You can come Mondays and Tuesdays to their free shows or pick up tickets online to their Friday and Saturday shows or at the door at DiCiccio's.
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