Lotus Gardens is back in business in Southeast Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Beautiful, bright flowers are once again filling the grounds at Lotus Gardens Outdoor Living Center in Southeast Fresno.

Tom Spino said, "When we were cleaning the property up people would stop by daily, come in and say 'is the nursery coming back?' (laughs) I said yah, we'll be open in about 3 weeks and they're starting to come in now."

Spino is owner of Lotus Gardens at Clovis near Belmont. His family, including young daughter Katie has been helping bring the business back to life, making it a family affair, Spino owned the business for a number of years, sold it and then decided to reopen this location again.

"There was another nursery in Clovis that closed down and now there's a need for our services in the area," explained Spino.

The nursery has been open a few weeks, but they're seeing a trend when it comes to plants.

Spino said, "We're trying to guide them to plant materials aren't going to take as much water."

The nursery has stocked up on drought resistant plants including succulents.

"The water situation is a big problem right now," said Spino. "But you can still have a beautiful yard, just be water wise. Use water from washing your dishes to water your pots."

Besides plants, he also sees more people purchasing artificial lawns. Spino says anyone can try their green thumb at growing and he says its work that pays off.

With more people buying drought resistant varieties and growing their own fruits and veggies, Lotus Garden is hoping to serve those sprouting number of customers.

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