Lux lifestyle book to feature local honey maker

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's the bees that are helping create a sweet treat made in the South Valley.

"We produce all of the honey that we sell. we have five different varieties. We have a buckwheat honey which won first place in the California Honey festival. So our goal was to bring that farm market quality honey to the masses," said Tyler Sample, True Gold Honey co-owner.

He is a fourth generation beekeeper with his mother Sarah. The business started in July 2017 and quickly caught the eye of an unlikely partner: a publisher who works closely with Rolls Royce.

The publisher reached out to the Lindsay-area business about a year ago.

"When they contacted us we hadn't been in business six months. when the event went off, we had barely been in business a year," Tyler said. "We were by far the youngest company there and we were told the youngest company they had worked with," said Sample.
He says it was a true honor to be featured in the company's third annual publication, which features cars and a handful of products from across the country.

It shares the story of the how they produce the honey straight from the hive to a jar at their Lindsay-area facility.

Tyler and his mom went to Lake Tahoe for the release and meet with other companies.

"Because of our brand and quality of our honey, we fit the quality of the cars: Rolls Royce, Bentley, you think of the finer things in life," Sample said.

The coffee table book will go out to Rolls Royce owners and dealers around the country.

Since we first featured True Gold, in 2017 the company has grown and sells their varieties from coastal mountain sage to orange blossom in 30 stores in California.

In Fresno, you can find it at the Patio cafe and Be Alive Vitamins.

In Visalia at PS, I love you too and in Porterville at Stafford's Chocolates among the many shops.

"I'm very happy with where we are at. I look forward to expanding. The goal is to get to all of California," Sample said.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Originally the article stated that the honey company partnered with the luxury car maker Rolls Royce instead of the publisher of the coffee table book. This has been corrected.
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