Made in the Valley - Kliszewski Glass

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A local business is making its mark in the art world with its glass creations.

The irons are hot at Kliszewski Glass in Southeast Fresno, as Bob Kliss transforms a piece of glass into a work of art.

"The first time I dipped into the tank I was mesmerized, I was hooked."

Bob and his wife Laurie are the owners of Kliszewski Glass, a nationally known company creating colorful and whimsical art.

"It can be functional in some forms and yet it can create feelings in other forms," said Laurie Kliss, Kliszewski Glass.

Bob tinkered through the years and fine-tuned his craft. In 1993, they began their venue in their studio in Southeast Fresno. Every week, Bob carefully heats up the kilns and molds the glass pieces into creations. At times he almost seems like a baton twirler, spinning the glass. Then after endless shaping and blowing, a mold help brings the form to life.

"Its nice to see when someone says I saw your piece at a gallery in New York, or I was in Florida and there you were in the window, or people come up to you at an art festival and say I have a piece of yours but I've got to have another one. So its really rewarding," said Bob Kliss.

One of his most popular collections is the "Bobtanical," a colorful flower. Now in their 22nd year of business and 30th year of marriage, the two say teamwork is everything.

"We couldn't have one without the other so we complement each other and help each other through," said Laurie.

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