Well known baker cooking up sweet treats at Prather goat farm

PRATHER, Calif. (KFSN) -- At Basilwood Farm in Prather, the goats are the stars of the show and the lifeblood of the family business, making soap and bath products. Visitors have come to the farm for years, but with a common problem.

"Groups of friends will often come up to shop, and they were often looking for something to eat, so now they can get a sweet treat and take it with them and take it out on the farm table while they are still here," said Jill Spruance, Basilwood Farm owner.

Spruance has teamed up with Jannine Fitzgerald under Kenzie's Kitchen Cottage License to begin making homemade treats.

Fitzgerald used to run Firehouse Cookies and has had quite the following in the Fresno Clovis areas for her baking.

"The cronut was absolutely ridiculous. I had people calling me at my house when the businesses I sold to would run out. They would ask if I could please, please, make them for their Saturday and missed them."

While her Cookies have been a staple, other treats have also been popular.

At the height of her success, Firehouse sold to six coffee shops from Kuppa Joy to Dutch Bros. She took a break from the business but has found joy at the farm.

"It's been amazing! I love coming here; it's a great place to be. I love the people here; they're super positive. I love milking the goats. So I do that first, I get all cleaned up and then get in here and bake for the store," Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald says the treats will vary week by week at the farm store. They add that the two have some Possible collaborations to come.

"We are going to probably pair up some of the names of our fall soaps with her sweet treats," said Spruance.

A perfect partnership made by hand.

Both women say they have a sweet future ahead and they're looking forward to watching Basilwood Farm grow in the Valley.

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