Made in the Valley: Graham Cracker handmade furniture

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno man is turning Pinterest ideas into reality, handcrafting pieces of furniture from scratch.

For Graham Brock, a piece of wood is a blank canvas. It's an opportunity to create a piece of furniture from nothing.

"To me being able hold something and treasure it feels nice and like I built this, I completed this. It's something I can see and use or give away and the person that prefers it loves it and appreciates it," Graham Brock, Graham Cracker.

Graham is the owner of Graham Cracker, a handmade furnishing business in Fresno creating everything from doggie condos to tables to wall hangings. From the outside, you can't tell that Graham battled a disease for the past few years,

"One day I was throwing couches over my head cleaning bank owned homes and the next day I couldn't brush my teeth," said Graham Brock.

Graham later learned he had Multiple Sclerosis and had to learn how to walk again. That prompted him to pursue a job as his own boss and create his own company hand making furnishing for customers.

Graham has worked with a lot of local businesses from the Foundry in Clovis making displays to Hashtag run by Bitwise in Downtown Fresno.

He uses his imagination to create utility pieces such as the desks and shelves at Hashtag.

"I get a good sense of pride. There's nothing like walking in and the store owner appreciates it and people walk in and are like that's super cool. It's like, 'I did that. Woo woo!'"

His enthusiasm is contagious as he helps brings Pinterest ideas to life for customers.

While he's sold hundreds of pieces, he says he's learned to appreciate the moments of life.

"This is what I truly love and I get to finally appreciate it. I'm not taking a ton of money, but I really love it and I really enjoy it," said Brock.

A business fueled with a heart filled purpose.

Find more on the Graham Cracker Website or on Instagram
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