Maya Cinemas opens near Fresno State

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- There are more options for movie plans this Memorial Day weekend. A new state-of-the-art theater just opened its box office near Fresno State.

The Maya Cinemas box office began selling tickets about 15 minutes after fire officials signed off on the safety plans Friday, and the excitement to get inside and check the new place out didn't slow down.

Melinda Rodgers said she was excited for the special sound and special chairs. She was one of the first in and even swiped some of the free movie posters up for grabs this opening weekend. Rodgers and the rest of the early crowd sold out the first few showings at Maya Cinemas.

The special self-serve seemingly unlimited flavor mix soda machines, special lounges and massive screens are all big attractions.

"It's supposed to be really nice," said James Smith. "We went online and saw some of the other theaters in Bakersfield and Salinas, and they're really beautiful theaters, so we wanted to come out and check it out."

Maya Cinemas will soon be surrounded by restaurants -- many still under construction. Just having another option is enough of a draw.

"Majority of the people go to River Park, so this is a new hangout place, I guess, that people can go to. And it's close to the college, too," said Madeline Reneses.

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