New Fresno business is giving people the ability to drive supercars without the super price

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Buying a supercar can set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars, but if you're just looking a joy ride, there's a much more affordable option: Oxotic.

Kevin Mosesian, the Founder of Oxotic, said, "I thought, what a great opportunity to share that experience with other people young and old-- and it gives them a chance to actually drive the cars."

The way it works is, you choose how many miles you want to travel and which car you want to drive. A pacer car will then guide you on your chosen trip.

The shortest trip is 15 miles in about 25 minutes and the longest is 165 miles and includes a drive through Yosemite National Park.

Some of the cars include the Audi R8 Spyder, the Ferrari 458 Spider, and the Lamborghini Superleggera.

Mosesian's love for cars started at a young age. When he was eight his life was forever changed after he rode in an exotic car.

"My uncle's friend gave me a ride in his Ferrari convertible, and it was so memorable for me that I loved cars ever since."

Now Mosesian gets to share that same love and passion with the people of the Central Valley.

"The best part is when they come back from taking one of these cars out, the smile on their face is just stuck there for at least an hour."

In the future, Mosesian said he wants to add even more cars to his fleet.
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