New GB3 opens in North Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The clanking of weights and the sounds of treadmills are ushering in a new start for new gym GB3 in Northeast Fresno.

Members Jessica and Armen Torigian got in a great workout at the new facility, which is serving the growing population in North Fresno.

Armen Torigian said, "It's very convenient. We used to be at the Cedar and Nees gym. It was great kind of like a small family we would go at 4:30 in the morning - you develop a routine with everyone. It's nice to be in a nice big gym, big space, a newer facility newer equipment, it's great."

The new gym comes with an open floor plan -- 1200 pieces of equipment line the floors.

One new feature is its functional training room. Management says the fitness industry is changing and more people are interested in hands-on workouts.

Manager, Sean Clinton said, "So now you've got TRX wraps, a ball comes rebounding to you, a rope, flip a tire now. Its an actual tire that goes back and forth."

The Old Cedar and Nees location down the street has been closed.

Clinton said, "Right now George is entertaining a lot of ideas as far as what will happen there. We're looking for a different theme. Something to do different there."

The new gym is about a mile or so up the street and clients welcome the new change.

Torigian said, "It kind of energizes you to get going again. You see the newer equipment, some of this we never had in the old gym. It's nice to give things a try and change up your routine again."

Helping people feel excited about fitness as we approach a new year.

The Champlain location Marks the sixth gym for the GB3 franchise. Management says the recipe to their success is local customers supporting a local business.
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