Popular pho restaurant in Fresno is closing its doors

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A well-known pho restaurant in Fresno is closing its doors. (KFSN)

A well-known pho restaurant in Fresno is closing its doors. Pho 75 #2 has been a very popular restaurant in Fresno for 26 years.

The restaurant owner said after resigning their lease agreement, days later the landlord said they had to leave.

"Yea it's pretty sad. A lot of customers came in crying asking us why? It's just (a) really heartbreaking week for us," said Gina Saiyasane who is the manager.

Many of the customers did not want to believe it was true.

"I thought it was a lie. I was like 'No I was just here last week'," said customer Ese Chidolue.

A sign posted to their door confirmed this was no joke. The sign read:

"To Our Valued Customers, We are sad to inform you that after 26+ years in business Pho 75 will be closing its doors. The last day will be January 18, 2018. We hope that you will join us for one last bowl of pho until then. We would like to thank you form the bottom of our heart for you loyal patronage."

"When I found out they were going to close I was so upset. I was supposed to go to the gym right now but I had to get my pho," said Biju Abraham.

The news of their closure made its round on social media. Many customers not too happy about it.

"It's an icon it's a staple of Fresno that we are all going to miss and I hope they open up and relocate," said Abraham.

Pho 75 #2 was featured on ABC30 as part of the "Lunch Break" series after an online vote found them to be the best place to get pho in the valley.

"The soup oh my gosh. The soup is good. It just keeps me warm. It just makes me okay when I go home. I feel energetic," Chidolue said.

Saiyasane said the support they are getting from the community is humbling and makes it that much hard to say goodbye for now.

"It's rewarding and it feels good that we've been serving you guys so long but just sad to have to end it all," she said.

However, there is some hope the restaurant will open its doors again. Ted Caldwell the property owner said he plans on giving the restaurant another opportunity.

Caldwell mentioned the reason he made this decision is a long one but the short answer was social media. Caldwell explained he's seen the amazing support from the community wanting the restaurant to stay.
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