Riley's Brewing Company shares their passion

MADERA COUNTY, (KFSN) -- Craft beer is growing in popularity across the country. Here in the Valley, Riley's Brewing Company in Madera County is brewing up success with a variety of homemade beer, and they're getting ready to showcase it at the annual Fresno Food Expo.

Dan Riley said, "I'm actually a third-generation brewer, so grandpa brewed, my dad brewed, so I kinda did it, but it was always smaller scale and always for fun."

Riley is passionate about a cold one and so are his friends. So, when the economy took a downturn, they decided to take their homemade recipes to the next level.

"So we built a small brewery back here," said Riley. "I expected to get a few cases of beer here and there for free. Then these guys would sell it and make a couple of dollars on the side and have fun. I had no idea it would turn into what it is today."

Riley's launched in 2011 and these days, moves more than a thousand cases a month. Riley's sell beer at AP-CAL and distributes across the Valley and over to the coast. DJ, Riley's teenage son helps box the product and clean up the shop.

Head brewer Dan Mussso says this craft beer is good to the last drop.

"From step one to step finish, there's a lot of science involved in it," said Mussso. "Makes it kind of fun for me. I've been a chemist for a long time, for over 20 years and it is a passion. It's fun to do and one of the best parts here is I'm making beer."

At the Fresno Food Expo, Riley Brewing will have a variety of beers for people to sample with names from Cougar to Wildcat. The styles include IPA's and a blonde ale, which the company says is made with real locally grown honey.

Riley Brewing will take the brew of their labor to the Fresno Food Expo this Thursday. There, they are hoping to meet other buyers and see what's next for their Valley based business.

The company's next goal is to release a natural and gluten free craft root beer.

Riley's is one of the 125 food and beverage companies that showcase product at the Fresno Food Expo.

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