Selma company turns trash into treasures

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From bicycles to doorknobs to coke bottles, it seems there is a treasure around every corner (KFSN)

From bicycles to doorknobs to coke bottles, it seems there is a treasure around every corner at A & J recycling in Selma.

"I look at things a little bit different. So if a piece of metal comes in I'm like this is cool, we could hang this on the wall," said Heather Carpenter.

Carpenter and her husband own the recycling company and Landfill Dzine, a green company.

In 2013, they upcycled irrigation hoses into handbags and more. These days they have expanded from fashion to home.

"We're doing a lot of household products, for example, we do melted bottles, pallet boxes, dog beds, barn doors," said Carpenter.

Carpenter showed us her creations, but one of her newest finds is to turn glass bottles into memorable serving trays.

"Basically you put your name on it or whatever you want to say 'happy anniversary babe' whatever you want to say and we melt it down and send it give it back to you."

She is also finding creative ways to turn what would be trash into art projects.

"Our idea was a box of donuts."

The company has opened up a rustic outdoor shop to bring these odd and ends to shoppers who are looking for something unique.

"If you go into a model home you see rusty stuff or you go into a store. You're like wait a second we have that but ours is actually old, not the new stuff that they make it look old, so I just started posting stuff and stuff started to sell."

People have bought stuff locally and online through Etsy.

Since they started their business, Carpenter says they have been able to divert millions of pounds of material from the trash and instead into people's homes.

You can find the Landfill Dzine products in the following links.



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