Svenhard's Swedish Bakery moving operations from Oakland to Exeter

EXETER, Calif. (KFSN) -- Svenhard's Swedish Bakery is on the move. The popular pastry factory is relocating operations from Oakland to Exeter.

Tony Hampton has a motto. "Dedication to the product," Hampton said.

It starts with 50-pound bags of Danish mix, one industrial size mixer and 42 years of knowledge. "That's important to pass that on so the product will be consistent," Hampton said.

Times change but the product hasn't. Hampton makes pastries for Svenhard's Swedish Bakery. He did it in Oakland and soon, he'll be doing it in Exeter.

Hampton said, "A little warmer than the Bay Area but it's awesome."

Svenhard's is moving the whole operation -- the production line, the machines and the office.

Chief Operating Officer David Kunkel says there are two reasons for the move: location, "center of the state and good freight quarters," he added and jobs. "Unemployment rate was high here, so we felt like we could maximize the benefits of labor here."

The factory has room for 120 employees, mostly on the production line. It sits on 40 acres of land on Glaze Avenue, which is just a coincidence. "If you notice, our icing it's really a heavy glaze but it had nothing to do with that street," Kunkel said.

There is no coincidence in the mixing room. It's just a new home for the same product Hampton has been making for years.

"It's therapy for me, coming down and teaching all these young people the process," Hampton said.

Production is set to start in September. The company says the best way to apply for jobs at the factory is through the Employment Development Department in Visalia.
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