Target to pay more than $3,000,000 in price scanner case

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Target is now agreeing to pay $3,352,500 after being sued for charging shoppers too much at local stores. (KFSN)

Target is now agreeing to pay $3,352,500 after being sued for charging shoppers too much at local stores.

Target settled the lawsuit brought on by the DA's offices in Fresno, Marin, Contra Costa, Sonoma and Santa Cruz counties, along with the San Diego City Attorney's office.

The company is not admitting wrongdoing, but it is agreeing to additional audits and compliance checks by the state to make sure consumers are not overcharged.

"I'm really in a rush all the time," admitted Melissa Contreras. She says she never checks the prices while she's paying.

Prosecutors brought the lawsuit against Target claiming the big box stores charged more than posted prices.

"Usually with target it's pretty straightforward," said Joe Pineda. "I haven't had any of those situations. I was kind of surprised when you were talking about the suit and stuff like that."

The lawsuit came following standard scanner price inspections by the state. Some shoppers say it's really no big deal. "If it's a big ticket item, I make sure that I get the right price," said Brian Marquez. "But if it's a couple bucks here and there i probably won't even notice."

Other shoppers don't trust the scanners and always watch how much they're being charged. "As they're ringing it up I'll always look at the counter computer where it lists the price," Pineda said. "If there's questions, usually I'll ask."

Target has not admitted to overcharging, but the Fresno County DA's office says for the next seven years target will allow its California stores to have additional scanner inspections, and notify the public about its Price Accuracy Program.

Target has not responded to an Action News request for comment.

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