The last new car dealership in Downtown Fresno is expanding

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- You do not have to go to North Fresno to buy a new luxury car. The only place in Fresno to buy Jaguars and Range Rovers with prices ranging from $35,000 to $200,000 is right in downtown.

While other dealers moved north decades ago, Haron Motors is staying put but growing after 72 years in the same location.

"Being that we started in this spot we wanted to rebirth right here, be much bigger, much glorious, and it enables us to serve the entire San Joaquin Valley," said Jim Haron, Haron Motors.

Jim's father started a car repair shop here after World War 2, and then dealt in a variety of English makes. They have been selling Jaguars for 40 years and Land Rovers for 30. The family owned company is now in its third generation.

Hillary Haron has big plans for this place.

"So we will level all of this and then we will build anew. We will be at 43,000 square feet total, we are growing from 12,000."

Downtown has been on the ropes economically for years, so a local company expanding like this is welcome news at city hall. City Council Member Oliver Baines is pleased.

"Haron made a very conscious effort to keep that establishment downtown, to locate downtown and to make the substantial investment in our downtown. Haron decided to stay downtown after seeing the surge in new building, and plans for High-Speed Rail that will make his downtown dealership accessible to the entire state."

The dealership now has about 45 employees; they expect to add more than a dozen more.

The project is expected to take about 18 months-- the dealership will be almost two blocks long. Until then they are moving one block west, and have their inventory of more than 200 new cars and SUV's just around the corner.
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