Toys R Us shutdown has shoppers looking for bargains

The Fresno Toys R Us store was one of nearly two hundred the company started closing after filing for bankruptcy protection in January, in an effort to stay afloat.

But, with staggering financial losses, Toys R Us announced Thursday it shut down or sell all the remaining 800 stores. Some are having clearance sales and some are not.

At the Fresno store, the signs say up to 50% off, but not everything is on sale just yet.

"I did get some Barbie stuff and some little doll stuff for the kids," said shopper Nicole Arvance.

But Arvance said some of the things she wanted were still marked at full price. "The nice Lego and the Pokémon stuff and a lot of the electronics aren't marked down yet."

Some shoppers are disappointed to see the entire chain go down.

"Toys R Us was one of those stores I grew up with," said Charles Neufeld. He remembers when Toys R Us came to town, leading to the closure of locally owned, Arthur's Toys. "When they went away Toys R Us filled their shoes."

Now, toy shoppers have many more alternatives.

"We buy quite a bit at Target and Walmart," said shopper Cheryl Neufeld.

Neighboring businesses we spoke with aren't sure what effect if any the store closures will have on their businesses.

The plan is to close the Fresno Toys R Us store in April. The Clovis store is believed to be one of about 200 the company is trying to sell.

We asked shopper Nicole Arvance if she will miss the store. "No, actually I don't think I have ever been into the store, I use Amazon a lot."

The Baby's R Us stores are also expected to close down.

Toys R Us is trying to salvage its Canadian operation and some overseas stores.
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