Uber's concealed data breach affects 57 million users

SAN FRANCISCO (KFSN) -- Over 50 million UBER users had their information compromised. That includes 600,000 drivers here in the United States.

The information leaked includes driver license numbers and names.

For many UBER riders and drivers news of the company's security breach was as shocking as how it was concealed.

Customers like Manuel Garcia are re-thinking their loyalty.

"It's scary because we are supposed to trust these companies so it's just unfortunate," said Garcia.

The company revealed Tuesday that two people broke into stored user data last year but the company did not alert victims or regulators.

Instead, according to Bloomberg, they paid the hackers a 100,000 dollar ransom to keep it a secret.

The company says it is only directly notifying the affected drivers and offering them free credit monitoring and identity theft protection.
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