Uniform and supply company Cintas expanding in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Racks of uniforms, baskets of towels and rugs fill the Cintas warehouse in Northwest Fresno.

"We take care of that need so they can focus on the core business they're doing," said Andrew Remlinger, the Fresno General Manager of Cintas. "So say a Starbucks, we handle all the towels and mops so we take out all the old towels and mops they used and we bring in clean fresh ones. So they can do their business, they can focus on coffee."

Now the uniform company is bursting at the seams at its 10,000 square foot facility, as it catches up with Fresno businesses who are experiencing a rebound after the economy,

"We've been growing exponentially," said Remlinger. "So Fresno has been a great market for us."

Work is underway on a new facility in Southwest Fresno near S East Ave and E North Ave.

We got a look at the new 55,000 square foot facility not far from E-commerce companies like Amazon.

The company says plans were in the works for years.

The new facility will allow the company to bring in nine washers and five dryers, which weigh 450 pounds each.

"So we'll be able to double our processing over the next few years," said Cintas Production Director Brian Delbecq "So this facility will also be supporting other cities in Northern California."

The processing will be in Fresno. It was done in Bakersfield and Sacramento before.

The company has 2,300 companies they're working with and that number is growing.

Workers, which the company calls partners, will be instrumental in helping sort laundry and delivering products to local companies.

"Our new plant, we're super excited about that growth," said Remlinger. "We have 67 partners that work out of our locations in Fresno now. We'll be adding another 60+ when we open up our plants. We're really excited about the growth."

Future job fairs will be held to fill the positions or are available online.

Over the next few months, Cintas will continue to hire everything from supervisor roles to entry-level positions. They say as they grow, they'll continue to hire.

LINK: Apply for jobs at Cintas

The building is expected to be completed this fall.
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