UPS expanding Visalia distribution center, bringing dozens of jobs

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- One of the biggest distribution centers in the country is expanding in the South Valley.

A plot of land off of Riggin Avenue and Plaza Drive in Visalia will be the new central hub for a UPS distribution center that will serve all of California.

UPS purchased the 58 acres of land from Central California Logistics Center back in August, and they will leave its current location on Goshen Avenue and move north to Visalia's industrial park.

"The industrial park is kind of the lifeblood of Visalia that provides many jobs to our citizens, and we want to encourage more business growth out there," Mayor Warren Gubler explained.

Gubler says the industrial park has more than 1,000 acres ready for developers and businesses to come in and build from the ground up.

The land is owned by several private developers. Mayor Gubler gives credit to MSJ partners for working with business to expand or move to Visalia.

"From a tax point of view, a budgetary point of view, we are always looking for additional businesses that will broaden our tax base, but even more important is the jobs that such businesses will generate," he said.

The mayor says the UPS expansion alone will create at least 40 or 50 jobs. The developers have already sold two-thirds of the property and are actively looking to fill the rest.

"We looking at expansions, and so I think the sky is the limit," Gubler said. "Especially when you are talking about 58 acres. That's a lot of land. It gives you a lot of room for growth."

A date on the groundbreaking for the new UPS facility will be determined at a later date.
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