Valley women bringing fitness to people across the globe with online workouts

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Two Valley women want to bring fitness to people across the globe

"We offer a multitude of videos ranging from five minutes to 45 minute online workouts, so you can work out on your own time anywhere, anyplace and for anyone," said Hillery Gunner of BarreSpace

Hillery and Angie Gunner are two Buchanan high school grads who are running their own online fitness business called BarreSpace. People can access the classes from their phone or computer with a monthly membership.

They use ballet-inspired movements to help people get in shape.

"You're tightening, you're toning, you're toning you're sculpting, your slimming so you really work deep into the muscle by very small movements," said
Angie Gunner.

The Gunner girls used to be dancers growing up, but now they're taking on the role of fitness teacher, camerawoman and editor as they navigate their online business.

"We're not in Hollywood. It started out as us two trying to make a professional video on our own. So we've come a long way," Hillery said.

The girls have also caught the attention of fitness magazines and had the chance to showcase their love for working out and bringing people together online.

"I love our community and I love that we make people feel good," Hillery said.

The fitness platform has become increasingly more popular as people look to work out from the convenience of their homes and because they can choose how long to work out for.
Subscribers pay $7.99 a month to access their videos.

While their passion for fitness started in the Valley, the Gunner girls say in the future they're looking to reaching more people around the world.
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