Wilson's Motorcycles opens Clovis location

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's a new day and a new chapter for Wilson's Motorcycles. After nearly nine decades in Fresno, the company now has a new store in Clovis.

Gary Georges said, "We're just happy to be in Clovis and happy to be a part of the scene here."

Gary is the general manager. He says the Fresno based motorcycle shop has seen a growing demand from clients in Clovis and beyond, so they moved to the customer. One new feature of the business is the addition of a bike department.

"We have a lot of real good customers that maybe don't want anything to do with a motorcycle that just do a lot of road bike riding," said Gary. "It's a very popular sport. This general area is a lot better for it than where we are downtown."

The shop was able to purchase the building from the Well Church and remodel the space into their own. The building has had its fair share of tenants over the years from a drug store to a church and even a gym.

Gary said, "Everyone that comes in here talks about the fact that it used to be gym, 'I remember running on the track upstairs.' the track is kind of interesting because it will actually work well on bad weather days when it rains because we can actually have someone do a bicycle test ride on the track."

Clovis business representatives say they're glad to have a new tenant and business in place.

Clovis Business Development Manager, Shawn Miller, said, "We're always concerned when there is a vacancy, a long term vacancy because it tends to be an eyesore especially on Shaw Avenue. During the recession, this area had several vacancies. So we're really glad a vibrant user has come in and filled the space."

They say every purchase also brings a positive impact to the Clovis economy. The company hired 10 new employees and are taking applications for their bike division and mechanics.

With their Fresno and Clovis locations, employees at Wilson's Motorcycles say they look forward to serving a growing number of outdoor enthusiasts in the Valley.

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