Kerman family that moved to Paradise looking to rebuild after Camp Fire destroyed home and their church

We're learning more about Valley connections to the Camp Fire the large wildfire burning in Northern California.

A Kerman family, that moved to Paradise just six months ago lost everything in the Camp Fire including their church.

Slabs of stucco and a concrete foundation are all that remain after the camp fire's path of destruction consumed New Life Apostolic Church.

"I just can't believe it."

This is the first time Pastor John Willman is seeing what's left of his church and the house he, his wife Loretta and their three children turned into a home.

"This would've been their beds right there," said Pastor Willman.

It was just six months ago that the Willmans moved to Paradise from Kerman.

"It was an opportunity to grow to see God do amazing work up here in Paradise," Pastor Willman said.

A new beginning gone too soon.

"No one was aware of how quick the fire was going it's just awesome to think about first responders other cities coming in," said Pastor Willman.

As fire crews work to contain what's now known as Californias deadliest and most destructive wildfire, Pastor Willman is looking to rebuild.

"I have to be strong I have no choice if I want my family to make it and my friends and church members to make it I'm going to have to stay strong," said Pastor Willman.

Beyond the ash and charred debris, Pastor John found his sign from God.

"It's still there in front of the whole property, the church will still stand and the community will still stand and we're going to be strong and take one step at a time," said Pastor John.

Something he sees first hand as community members lean on each other for support.

"It's an inspiration that people are sticking together and being one."
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