Local crews working to gain control of the Camp Fire burning in Northern California

PARADISE, Calif. (KFSN) -- Dubbed the deadliest fire in California's history, the Camp Fire's path of destruction is growing by the minute.

Apocalyptic views can be seen throughout the town of Paradise.

As more than 4,500 firefighters battle the flames by ground and air, Central Valley crews are joining the fight.

"It's always difficult we've seen it before and we just do our best for the communities we serve in California," Fire Captain Jon Breitling said.

Capt. Breiling is on a strike team out of Kings and Tulare counties.

They're coming off the firelines after working in the areas hardest hit.

"We've been working around a lot of structures keeping fires out of the ones that haven't been destroyed yet," Capt. Breitling said.

He says they're all trained for the dangerous conditions but it's the emotional impact that takes getting used to.

"We have senior guys mentoring the younger guys," said Capt. Breitling. "They're getting good experience for the future South Valley and Kings County, learning the dynamics of the area brings them experiences they can put to use when fighting fires at home in the Valley."

There are a few strike teams fighting the Camp Fire from Fresno and Merced Counties. They have spent the last few days focusing on structure protection and building containment lines to stop the spread.

"With those winds, a lot of it is keeping folks out of harm's way and impacting what we can do," said Fresno Fire Battalion Chief Brian Price.

"At the end of the day were all working for the same team getting our objectives done and help out in any way we can," Capt. Breitling said.
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