What do Gov. Newsom's latest executive actions mean as state nears reopening?

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- California is coming closer to fully reopening as Gov. Gavin Newsom took action on Friday to move away from the state's tier system, and slowly ending past executive actions put in place during the pandemic.

"Hundreds of exec orders and provision over the course of the next days, weeks, and months," he said.

The state is slated to reopen Tuesday and that would mean little to no capacity limits or physical distancing requirements for businesses.

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Masks, however, may still be around a while longer.

In the last few days, CAL/OSHA, CDC and state reopening rules were causing confusion, including for Fresno restaurant owner, Louie Maglieri.

"I read things and that changes every day," she said.

On Friday, CAL/OSHA board proposed new revisions to its workplace mask guidelines days after withdrawing their first set of changes.

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According to the new rules, if you're vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask indoors or practice social distancing.
If you aren't, the mask stays on, with the only exceptions being if you're six feet apart or alone in the room or car.

CAL/OSHA will make its decision on June 17.

When it comes to customers, Tulare County health officials say the business owners have some options outlined by the state.

"Whether having a verification system in place that requires patrons to verify they're vaccinated, or they can require everybody to wear a mask," says Laura Flores.

Maglieri says he plans to keep masks around until their new rules are set in stone.

"Just for precautions, I require it until I hear different," he said. "California is the land of lawsuits. Put the mask on and everyone's happy."

The administrative review typically takes 10 days, which means if the provisions are approved, they wouldn't go into effect until June 28 unless Newsom takes executive action to put them in effect sooner.
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