How California is leading the way in solar innovation

California is at the forefront of the solar energy movement in the United States, producing more solar potential than other state in the country. Already a leader in green and renewable technology, the Golden State is the perfect model for the solar movement across the country.

Here's how California is leading the solar energy revolution:

California has invested billions of dollars into solar energy


Over $11 billion was invested on solar installations in California in 2014. This was significantly more than any other state in the U.S., according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

California's government is pushing towards solar energy


By 2020, one-third of California's energy must come directly from renewable resources. This has opened up a huge door for solar energy to contribute to that renewable expansion. The state has offered support that has enabled hundreds of thousands of homeowners to have solar panels installed easily and efficiently.

California is home to some of the world's largest solar facilities

Concentrated solar thermal plant in the California Mojave Desert.


California is home to major solar installations like Desert Sunlight and Mojave Solar that generate much of the country's renewable energy. Plus, there are over 2,200 solar companies situated in California employing over 54,000 people. Solar is not just an energy source for California, it's a growing part of the state's economy as well.

The state produces more solar energy than the rest of the country

ARCO photovoltaic solar panels in Hesperia, Calif.


With 11,535 MW (megawatts) of solar energy currently installed in California, the state ranks first in the country in installed solar capacity. There is enough solar energy installed in the state to power 2.89 million homes. States like North Carolina, Nevada and New York are joining in the solar energy movement too, with their own solar initiatives.

California is making it more affordable for consumers to buy solar


California provides several solar tax credits and up-front solar rebates making it affordable for residents to install solar panels. Plus the cost of solar panels themselves have fallen over the past five years, making solar more affordable than ever. Other states can follow California's example by providing more tax incentives for consumers to install solar energy.

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