California Teaching Fellows looking to hire more than 100 college level tutors

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Adriana Orozco, site liaison with the California Teaching Fellows is reminiscing about her time as a tutor in the Parlier community. She started with the non-profit 10 years ago and for her, it's been very rewarding.

"Some of the students that I had at one time, they are now working with us in our foundation and it is really awesome when I'm interviewing them and they remember me," said Orozco.

Teaching Fellows is the largest youth employer in the Central Valley. They are staying true to that title, as they look to fill over 100 paid positions across the Central Valley. College students assist another grade K to 12, in the morning and after-school programs. Each of them learning from one another.

"We are not quite full-fledged adults, but we are not the same kids that we once were in the after school programs, we are these mentors, big brother, and big sister," said Jacqueline Moreno, marketing specialist.

To apply students need to be enrolled in college with at least six units and in good academic standing. The positions are open to all students, but they're especially looking for those interested in the education field. Raymond Henry, Site liaison says their work goes far beyond teaching, they get to change lives.

"Unfortunately I didn't have all those role models, so that is the impact I want to make for these students today," said Henry. "Being that role model, being that person that they can look up to and make sure that they know that right path to take."

Students who get accepted get placed in a school near them. The non-profit also works with their schedules.

To apply, follow the link: or give them a call at (559) 224-9200.
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