Californians who attended Route 91 are eligible for victim relief funds from both California and Nevada

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The California victim compensation board says about 63 percent of the ticketholders of Route 91 are from California. (KFSN)

The California victim compensation board says about 63 percent of the ticketholders of Route 91 are from California. Typically victims of crimes apply for compensation funds in the state the crime happened in, but because there were so many people from California who attended the concert, the board has decided to join forces with Nevada, making it easier on victims to receive funds from both states.

One month later, family members are mourning the losses of loved ones killed during the Las Vegas massacre. Jessica Milam, 24, from Sanger was among the injured in the mass shooting. She is one of the last two victims still hospitalized in Las Vegas recovering after being shot in the liver. Her dad says she is being released from the hospital Friday.

She and everyone else injured and in attendance that night is eligible for victim relief funds to help with any sort of financial burdens they have endured because of it.

"We provide money for income loss, funeral burial supports, medical bills mental health treatment," said Chris Van Horne.

The California Victim Compensation board is a state agency that helps victims of violent crimes.

The board says California has a cap limit per crime per person of $70,000, and Nevada's program pays up to $35,000. And it is not taxpayer dollars--the funds come from restitution fines criminals are ordered to pay by a judge.

So far the board has received about 1,500 applications, but there are thousands more who could receive their help, so they want to get the word out

"We believe it was almost 14,000 of the 22,000 were Californian residents who bought the tickets," said Van Horne.

Even if victims have not faced any expenses because of the trauma they have experienced, the board is urging them to apply anyway. This way they can have their application on file and receive assistance in case they feel like they'll need counseling down the road.

"The goal of our program is to make sure people don't face a financial burden because they were a victim," said Van Horne.

You can call the California Victim Compensation Board for assistance at 1-800-777- 9229.

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