Fresno man accused of killing a Calwa toddler pleaded not guilty

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Gage Hurtado pleaded not guilty to murder charges in the death of one-year-old Julius Lopez on Thursday.

"We've set it out until late December for what's called a pre-preliminary hearing when we come back and discuss the case and see if we have any agreements between the parties on how to resolve it," said Mugridge.

The incident took place inside the Calwa apartment less than two months ago. Hurtado is the boyfriend of Julius' mother and is accused of killing the toddler just one month shy of his second birthday

An autopsy on the child revealed Julius died from blunt force trauma

"He knows what he's facing. He's quite clear-headed there no issue of that at all. He's actually a very likable passive young man," said Mugridge.

Besides murder, the 24-year-old is also facing domestic violence charges stemming from a separate case.

"It's something we have to take into a count. We deal with the facts as they are. It isn't joined with the homicide itself. It is separate and apart from any liability he's exposed to from the homicide,"

Hurtado is due back in court December 19.
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