Away from home, some Valley firefighters spend Thanksgiving helping at Camp Fire site

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- This Thanksgiving, while many of us enjoy a feast with family and friends, there are others that have an empty space at the dinner table.

After flames ravaged several communities in Butte County, fire crews, including those from the Valley, are getting closer to fully containing the Camp Fire.

Dubbed the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history, some Valley crews have switched from the firefight to search and recovery.

"Its hard on spirits working on the holidays like this, the guys that are, its a testament to their work ethic," said Brian Price of the Fresno Fire Department.

This Thanksgiving, crews are sifting through what's left of the area where almost 14,000 homes and 500-plus businesses were destroyed.

"So we can release these structures back to the homeowners so they can return to their undamaged home or come see what remains of their destroyed or damaged home from the fire," Price said.

Fresno Fire Battalion Chief Brian Price and the strike team he's on, have been in the Paradise area since the fire first broke out Thursday, Nov. 8.

Though it's trying for many of them being away for so long, there's one thing that restores their faith.

"Anytime we think of the difficulty were experiencing were quickly reminded of the people here that lost so much in Paradise," Price said.

Thankful to be able to help in the fire zone and thankful their loved ones are holding down the fort back home.

"They're carrying the weight of our absence. Life still goes on, we all still have responsibilities," Price said.

Price went on to say that their team will be there through at least Nov. 30.
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