Man rides hood of car to stop driver after fender bender

HOUSTON, Texas -- An Uber Eats delivery driver is in critical condition after being tossed off the hood of a car following a minor fender bender.

It happened at a convenience store in Houston on Tuesday afternoon. Surveillance cameras captured the entire incident.

Videos show a small fender bender between a red car being driven by the Uber Eats deliveryman and driver of a dark grey Nissan. Witnesses say the driver of the red car had just picked up an order from a taco truck in the store's parking lot. That's when the grey Nissan slowly backed into the red car.

You can see the Uber Eats driver, Mohssine Chihani, walk around the grey Nissan. Police say Chihani was trying to take a photo of the front license plate when the driver of the Nissan decided to take off.

Undeterred, Chihani gets on the hood of the car. The driver then continues down Scott Street with Chihani on the hood.

Police say Chihani fell off a block away, and is now in critical condition at a local hospital.

Houston Police are looking for the driver of the Nissan, who did not stop.
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